7 Must-have Accessories for Men

Who says that only women should accessorize and look stylish? Men need to look into their appearance too, by getting that timely haircut, manicure, wearing clothes that are in vogue, and accessorizing appropriately. This is enlists 7 accessories that men must-have.
Create your own visual style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
― Orson Welles
Many men usually stay away from the accessories department in a mall, because they think that wearing leather straps on their wrists, or carrying handbags is a little too girly. But that is not the case. Men actually end up looking smart and savvy when they wear the correct accessories. While walking on the streets, we come across men who are impeccably dressed, wearing crisp suits, shiny shoes, designer ties, and amazing accessories.

To make things easier for men, who do not have an eye when it comes to fashion and changing trends in accessories, this Buzzle write-up presents 7 accessories that every guy must own to be up-to-date with the fashion trends and look absolutely dashing.
7 Fashion Accessories Men

10 Dresses That Go Well with Sneakers

Wearing killer sneakers with dresses looks adorable and freshens up your laid-back style. See how we’ve paired 10 dresses that go well with sneakers.

Dress and sneaker combination
“Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.”
– Coco Chanel
The decision of choosing the right color shoes for the dresses is the key here. Even though black shoes are extremely versatile, you should not wear it with everything. Playing with colors that enhances the outfit is a must. So, keeping that in mind, we have put together a few suggestions on what sneakers to wear with different types of dresses.

Dress and Sneakers Combos
Do not be afraid to experiment while pairing your dresses with sneakers. But if you’re ever confused as to which colors complement one another, just match your shoes to any of the colors present in the dress.
Red High Collar Dress with Blue Leather Sports Shoes
For a perfect daytime look, ditch your favorite pair of heels to pair this beautiful red dress with sexy blue shoes. It’s the best combination, not just in terms of colors, but also style.
Full Sleeves

Tips To Design Your Own T-Shirt And Being Creative

You have the intention that the only way to express one’s creativity is only though writing, painting or song, you have missed a lot of creativity because they are many appealing ways to express ones creativity: taking a bold step toward designing your t. shirt can be your method of expressing creativity and individuality. Your design can be unique to the extent of attracting attention from admirers or better stated your design can be catching as you want it to be. Individual with this unique creativity can flaunt their creativity through this T- Shirt design.

You can design your t-Shirt for different purposes such as events, organization or group gathering. You start by this question, do you have an upcoming event or a fixed match that requires the team putting on the same t-Shirt?  Are you planning to rejoice with a friend or family who is taking part in a team event or competition by showing your support on a t. shirt?

Do you have a planned family re or school re-union of which you have to wear a unique t.

A girl can never have enough

From the very time that men and women became separate sexes fashion has been evolving and seems to dominate a position one day  where woman wouldn’t mind choosing fashion over their partners. Trust me ,most would be on it .
It seems to be a universal mystery to a million people , why woman love shopping ?
Some would say this is because markets for centuries have been flooded with more stuffs for women rather for men .True indeed .
Again some would say this is because trends never end and people need variety .Partly true .
But if you ask this question to any  girl from whichever part of the world ,you’d get  a patent answer “We shop because we love it .”
Therefore ,to all the girls who imagine themselves with 10,000 bags and shoes some ten years later and find it lunatic , that is absolutely alright .After all ,this is what the entire girl world is about .
This one is for you .
Do you walk into a store and just disappear somewhere inside the beauty of those gorgeous dresses and wonder if you could buy them all?  Doesn’t your heart crave for those shiny

Be Unique by Selecting Rare and Gorgeous Pieces of Jewelries at Online Stores

Jewelries have always been considered as special and adorable belongings. People can decorate their body best with the help of ornaments. In earlier days, they were used to display the buying strength of the wearer. But nowadays, they are used to make the wearers look more beautiful and unique. This is why women of modern times do not just buy any piece of fashion accessories. They look for innovations and creativity in their items. In the sphere of jewelry, there has been a great demand for Irish made jewellery. The credit goes to the beautiful and inspirational designs of the jewelries. The fanatic shoppers can cherish their heart by finding vast assortments at numerous popular jewelry stores.

Why to choose ornaments made with Irish fashion?

In the market of jewelry, the consumers can surely find items made of gold, silver and gemstones. But if they want to select the rare piece for them, they can go for Irish ones with pleasure. The brilliant skill, pride and craftsmanship of the artists can cover up any lack of gold, silver and gems in their Irish jewelries. At stores, the jewelry buyers can purchase their favorite items for both

Choosing a Bag Based on Your Body Shape

The bag you carry with you each day will affect your overall look. Surprisingly this is something many women don’t take into consideration when buying a bag, which is why you may want to pay a little closer attention to a design that will enhance your look and compliment your shape now and in the future.

Women who have larger hips will find that a shoulder bag with short straps that they can carry under their arm or they can wear just above their hips is the best option. A shoulder bag with adjustable straps is the best option for you if you have wide hips, as you can adjust where the bag sits based on your torso length, ensuring that the bag doesn’t enhance your hips, but rather compliments them.

If you have a larger bust, then you are going to want to take the attention away from your upper torso, which means choosing a shoulder bag with a longer strap. Again choose a bag with an adjustable strap so you have complete control on where your bag sits, you may find the bag sitting on or just above the hip will give you the best finished look you are

Handmade Beaded Jewelry – Beaded Jewelry, Earrings and Necklaces

Jewelry making is an art that indeed requires expertise; however, it is still possible to make one on your own. Read the following article that provides you with some easy methods for this purpose.
Remember the lines of Heart of Darkness, where the so-called African mistress of Kurtz stands in front of the steamer of Marlow, when he tries to take Kurtz away from the land of such people who are full of wild vitality that it even scares civilization. She wears her beaded necklaces as her upper garment.

Beads do bring up the oriental and primitive world, but now, they have become very much a part of the occidental, rather the global world. A jewelry is something that you can yourself make, using your innovation. Handmade jewelry always has its characteristic uniqueness that is particular of any handmade thing; no two pieces are the same as a matter of fact. They are perfectly natural, and they come in a great variety of colors and designs. In fact, they have a charming freshness about them. Handmade beaded jewelry has now become a full-fledged industry, wherein the brands have plunged to carve a niche. So, it’s time to get your beads out and

How to Choose a Men’s Suit for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn weddings have a wonderful comfortable feel to them. There is a relaxed atmosphere and the colours of the falling leaves and autumn trees give it a creative element. For women, there are endless choices when it comes to autumn wedding outfits, but what options do men have? If you are invited to an autumn wedding you want to ensure that you look stylish and are comfortable too.

It may not be too hot or too cold on the day of an autumn wedding so you don’t want to be caught is a heavy suit that is going to overheat your body. You need to find a men’s suit that has the perfect balance. Here are a few tips to help you find the right men’s suit for an autumn wedding.

    • The fabric or material. For this season it is ideal to opt for a suit that is made of cotton. You want a suit that is breathable and comfortable. A wool suit would be too warm and could lead to embarrassing sweat marks.
    • The colour. Autumn is associated with natural and neutral colours such as beige and brown. An elegant autumn colour option is light beige. The Ice Men designer suits

A Guide for Choosing the Best Women’s Wallet

Every woman desires the best things in life, which best come with loads of money, which looks best when in our wallet. If you desire to own a wallet that suits your needs and your image, this article will guide you for choosing the best women’s wallet.

Darlings, remember, we are women, and tend to carry a variety of things along. Always go for a wallet that has enough room to accommodate the things we have, and might have in the future. You see, unlike most men, for whom a wallet is merely a means of utility, we women value it more than that. It not only keeps our valuable gift cards, credit cards, visiting cards, and of course, cash, safe and organized, it also carries a sense of style, class, and is a fashion statement in itself.

While not every woman is a fashionista, but every woman ‘looks’ what every other woman carries with her, be it her clothes, shoes, jewelry, purse, or wallet! As bitter as the truth may sound, we are judged by the things that we possess. Living life has become more like living a lifestyle, and accessories such as purses and wallets, are an integral part of

Stylish Ways to Wear a T-Shirt

Although in many fashion shows we tend to see mixed patterns and overwhelming designs, it’s always better not to draw unwanted attention to yourself. You want the attention that creates interest in your outfit. Here are some tricks on how to bring simplicity and how to match it with stylish T-shirts.

Wearing two solid colours makes a person look solid themselves, as if they were a two-dimensional picture. By breaking this solidity you can wear a sequenced T-shirt with the plain pants or patterned pants with the plain T-shirt.

Wear a T-shirt that you feel comfortable in. Feeling confident is an automatic tool that brings style in any look that you try. Feeling comfortable also means a well fitted T-shirt that you don’t have to constantly move or tug in order to be comfortable.

A T-shirt that was made to flow doesn’t fall in the ill-fitted category however the bottom part of your outfit should never be as loosely fitted as the top part. It may seem that you didn’t give your appearance much thought.

Certain colours tend to go better with the tone of your skin. You want the T-shirt to contrast with your skin so that you are more noticeable. The

Looking good is not as hard as it seems

If you are overly in love with the idea of looking good, no doubt dressing is your number one priority in life. Most likely, you are constantly looking out for the latest clothes that the current market has to offer. But, you are obviously wondering whether you can easily come across clothes that can make you look good. Unfortunately, ity is not very easy to find such clothes. You may buy clothes today and still fail to achieve your desired results in as far as looking good is concerned. The easiest way to look good is highlighted in the passage. It applies to people of all ages including women, children and men.

Take advantage of the latest designer clothes

Old fashion is old because it may not be looking as good as it used to when it was just introduced on the market. Therefore, it was put on the sidelines in order to pave way for new fashion. The last thing you can do is to stick to the past. There is no need to live in the past when new designer clothes are being introduced on a daily basis. Go out there and pick up your choice of new designer clothes

Why Do We Need The Best Sport Shoes For Running?

When it comes to the best sport shoes for running, there are a number of factors you have to take in mind. For a fact, we often ask ourselves first what we really need in order to be able to run more comfortably without the need to worry about being injured when buying sports shoes for running. Of course, when it comes to your comfort, you shouldn’t take twice in paying more. Comfort, durability and maximum performance are just a few of the must-have features of the running shoes you are to buy.

What make it a bit difficult to choose what is the best sport shoe for running for you is the fact that there are countless of brands out there; all of them claiming that they are the best pick when it comes to running shoes. In truth, most of them seem to outclass the other with patented claims for cushioning, stability, comfort and performance. They claim to have all sorts of outstanding features which consumers are looking for when it comes to running shoes. Assuredly, consumers end up being so perplexed and indecisive on what type and brand of running shoes to buy that

Clutch Bags – A Trendy Fashion

Carrying modern baggage to the evening parties have continuously been a trend. most ladies World Health Organization swear by their assortment of baggage like to carry those that area unit stylish to form their own vogue statement. Evening baggage raise woman’s vogue and sophistication. Evening baggage that go with a woman’s apparel is usually a head turner. thus considering all this, these baggage create a good gift possibility for any lady World Health Organization likes to be a cynosure. and that i solely apprehend many World Health Organization would not wish to be.

So allow us to conclude a way to select this accessory:

Kind of bag to decide on

There is a spread of baggage to decide on from, however a splendid trying clutch in soft animal skin beaded nicely with crystals is taken into account as an ideal bag to gift your lover. Carrying such a bag with a beautiful trying dinner gown is a wonderful possibility.

Choosing the proper Clutch baggage

While selecting a bag as a present, it’s essential to contemplate the fabric of your bag. you’ll select from a spread of materials like fabric, animal skin or silk like Red Croco Clutches and bags. Structured clutches

Essential Tips to Choose a Wallet for Men

Buying a wallet is not as easy as it may seem, and the huge number of varieties to choose from only makes the task even more tougher. We furnishe some tips that men need to consider before buying a wallet.

Tips to choose a wallet for men
Did You Know?
Dunhill manufactured the world’s first biometric wallet in 2012. Apart from being made of carbon fiber, it also has a fingerprint scanner and Bluetooth connectivity!
For a man, one of the few things that he carries with him whenever he chooses to step outdoors is his phone, keys, perhaps a watch, and his wallet. Talking about wallets, it is an essential accessory that he purchases after investing a lot of thought. Secondly, very rarely will men prefer buying different wallets to suit the occasion, and would rather go in for one that is good enough for both casual as well as formal events. This article discusses some essential tips to help choose a wallet for men.

Type of Wallet
The first thing to consider is the type of wallet you seek. The quintessential American billfold wallet has been around since the 1950s and is still the most popular choice among men. The

5 Fashion and Style Inspirations From Your Favorite Celebrities

1. Casual and glossy like Cara Delevigne

Ms. Delevigne is not only your prime but also your. Cara is well-loved by both and non- because of her confidence and fierceness on and off the catwalk. Her style is borderline casual and glossy. Adapt her casual coolness by bringing out that tousled, ripped jeans, and a simple white tank top out your closet. Pair it with a leather brown blazer and wedged rubber shoes. Take hold of her glossy side while donning that formal wear imprinted with geometric shapes with a whip of black and white.

2. Rock it like Janet Jackson

You guess it right, if there’s any celebrity style inspiration you would get from the music industry, it’s probably Janet! The sultry diva depicts the woman of yesterday and tomorrow. Her style is electric and edgy in her music videos but in real life, she clothes herself sweetly with various summer styles. She may be all about black and silver when performing, but you’d definitely see her charm when she graces the red carpet with an all-white androgynous getup!

3. Behati Prinsloo’s got the vibe

Before she became the other half of music icon Adam Levine, Behati has been an in her own

Fashion Tips for Men

Fashion, especially related to clothing turns out be an arduous task for many men. To look smart and improve the style quotient, keep reading.

It’s not that only woman are fussy about their dresses and are inherently shopaholics (exceptions are always there), men are equally concerned about their fashion styles and they do make efforts to look their best. Dressing well and looking good are always added advantage to any personality. Follow these grooming tips.

Important Pointers

Don’t Chase Brands
While purchasing branded items, do check if they really suit you and you are not just buying them because they are so much in “trend” or “style”. If that particular clothing looks good on you, you can surely invest in them. But if they don’t complement you in any way, then it is advisable to save your money and keep looking.

Choose Appropriately-sized Clothes
The size of T-shirts, shirts, and other clothing you wear must be according to your fitting. Skinny and lean men must wear comfortable clothing, not too large than their size as that will make them disappear in it. Men slightly on the heavier side must not wear tight T-shirts.

Simplicity is Style
Your wardrobe collection must not be something that appears

Clothing Combinations For Summers


It is that time of the year when you’d be fashionable enough to take out your Ray-Bans and feel like a superstar even in the heat. Well, it takes a lot of confidence to step out of the house all decked up in fancy men’s clothes that can keep you comfortable inside as well as versatile outside. Spring is almost over and the temperature is rising like a shooting star, which definitely is the grace of Global Warming. However, whatever the situation is outside, you shouldn’t compromise with the personality you’re carrying and this article will help you do just that.

This article will brief you about a few men’s clothing combinations that you can buckle you up for the scorching heat and sweaty weather conditions, yet look like a runway model.

1. Denims and Open shirt with a T-Shirt inside

Commonly called a “shacket”, open shirts are one of the most commonly witnessed styles adopted by the modern male population. When the weather is neither too hot nor too cold, the combination of an open shirt with a contrasting t-shirt inside would just be the right thing to pick up. Teaming it up with a pair of denims would complete the

If You Want To Buy A Watch ,Please Read These Tips First

Do you have a selection of wristwatches? Or do you at least own a observe? Is it actual? Is it genuine? Or is it a imitation? Owning an eye fixed and using it around our hand causes us to time aware. And it is not a bad addiction or bad significance. In reality, I think about it as a good personality because it will reduce our tardiness when it comes to work, university, or conventions.

What factors do you consider when purchasing a observe? Does it have to be huge? Does it have to be little? Does it have to be Rolex timepiece? Or any observe will do provided that it informs you the appropriate time? Having a actual observe would cost us a lot of money but purchasing a designed observe will not remain lengthy on your possession. So, what observe does a person truly need?

“The style Eurya in his arms.” In reality, like hand watches and clothing is always modifying with the periods are different style design. Females all have imitation observe elegance complicated, put on Liangshan, printed with an appropriate style watches, as is the of entirety to a, so that the person’s personality,

The Basic Rules of Men’s Jewellery

Most modern men abhor jewellery. Things like watches, cufflinks, and tie clips are meant to serve a purpose, and aren’t decorative pieces. Even then, men’s jewellery has evolved through the years. With gold watches, platinum cufflinks, and diamond studded bracelets, designers have been giving jewellery for men a glamorous makeover. You don’t have to be a rockstar to embrace jewellery. If you’re just starting to love bling, here are the basic rules that ensure you get it right always.

Begin with the essentials

When in doubt, stick to the basics. If you’re just venturing into jewellery, the best thing is to keep things simple. Remember that the more functional a piece is, the less flashy it should be. Your watch serves a purpose, hence it can be good plated or diamond studded. Your tie clip’s function is much less, therefore keep it minimal.

Don’t run after cheap stuff

While it’s true that you get good stuff at cheap prices sometimes, it doesn’t mean you should always cheap out. Precious stones and metal can be too expensive most of the time so your best bet would be to go for less expensive yet classy materials. Stainless steel tags does

Are You Standing Out for the Right Reasons?

How do you feel about standing out from the crowd? Does the idea excite you and make you smile, or does the very thought strike terror in your heart and make you cringe? If the latter is truer for you, then what has been your alternative to standing out? Many women describe their style as “beige,” “predictable,” “decent” or “downright boring.” Rarely does a woman purposely choose that look. It is usually a response to her deeply rooted fear of standing out for the wrong reasons, i.e., she would rather fade into the woodwork than risk looking silly or inappropriate. And, without understanding ‘how’ to find a look that allows her to stand out in a positive way, she settles for a look that is okay or good enough.

The result? Each time she gets dressed, her self-esteem and confidence take a direct hit.

Some women equate standing out with looking flamboyant, outrageous or ostentatious. But that doesn’t have to be true (although those looks certainly do produce a few stares!). Standing out means owning who you are and celebrating that. And if flamboyant, outrageous or ostentatious is who you are, then celebrate it, and if it isn’t who you are then