How to Choose a Men’s Suit for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn weddings have a wonderful comfortable feel to them. There is a relaxed atmosphere and the colours of the falling leaves and autumn trees give it a creative element. For women, there are endless choices when it comes to autumn wedding outfits, but what options do men have? If you are invited to an autumn wedding you want to ensure that you look stylish and are comfortable too.

It may not be too hot or too cold on the day of an autumn wedding so you don’t want to be caught is a heavy suit that is going to overheat your body. You need to find a men’s suit that has the perfect balance. Here are a few tips to help you find the right men’s suit for an autumn wedding.

    • The fabric or material. For this season it is ideal to opt for a suit that is made of cotton. You want a suit that is breathable and comfortable. A wool suit would be too warm and could lead to embarrassing sweat marks.
    • The colour. Autumn is associated with natural and neutral colours such as beige and brown. An elegant autumn colour option is light beige. The Ice Men designer suits have an option in this colour which has a single button jacket and is a slim fit design.
    • The fit. Consider the length of the sleeves and the trousers. When you find the right suit for you, check the length of the sleeves and the trousers. If they are too long, ask a tailor to shorten it for you. Not only can extra-long sleeves make you warm, but it also doesn’t look neat when you are attending a formal function.
    • The style. A men’s suit with a two button or one button jacket is suitable for this occasion. You can close the top button for the formalities and it is slightly cooler, or you can leave the jacket unbuttoned if it is a bit warm. Avoid a double breasted jacket because it will retain a lot of body heat.

The formal wear. When choosing a men’s suit you also need to decide on which shirt to wear as well as the waist coat. A cotton shirt is a good option. Find a matching tie too. Autumn is not as warm as summer so you could include a waist coat in your outfit to complete your formal look. However, you don’t have to wear a waist coat, especially if you are not part of the bridal party.

A Guide for Choosing the Best Women’s Wallet

Every woman desires the best things in life, which best come with loads of money, which looks best when in our wallet. If you desire to own a wallet that suits your needs and your image, this article will guide you for choosing the best women’s wallet.

Darlings, remember, we are women, and tend to carry a variety of things along. Always go for a wallet that has enough room to accommodate the things we have, and might have in the future. You see, unlike most men, for whom a wallet is merely a means of utility, we women value it more than that. It not only keeps our valuable gift cards, credit cards, visiting cards, and of course, cash, safe and organized, it also carries a sense of style, class, and is a fashion statement in itself.

While not every woman is a fashionista, but every woman ‘looks’ what every other woman carries with her, be it her clothes, shoes, jewelry, purse, or wallet! As bitter as the truth may sound, we are judged by the things that we possess. Living life has become more like living a lifestyle, and accessories such as purses and wallets, are an integral part of it. We are not trying to imply that the best wallets are only those that come from luxury brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Prada, and Louis Vuitton. While these brands will definitely make you feel like a star, realistically, if these are not within your budget, there is no point making a hole in your existing wallet. The following section will give you some useful tips to choose a wallet that fits your needs and budget.

Essential Tips for Buying a Good Wallet

You may want to buy a wallet with different motives―for a high-end get-together, a long-lasting everyday accessory, or as a spacious-yet-trendy accessory. A good wallet is one that fulfills most of your needs in an economical manner. When going for wallet shopping, you are bound to come across endless options in terms of brands, colors, shapes, sizes, designs, and the like. You need to do some homework beforehand, if you don’t want the multiple alluring offers to bedevil your sanity―the last thing you want is to realize later on that you’ve spent a bomb on something that is not worth it.

Determine the kind of wallet person you are

When it’s made for women, it has to have unlimited options! There are different types of wallets available in the market―long, compact, opera, wristlet, trifold, and more―that cater to different needs. For those of you who tend to misplace the wallet, perhaps the left-and-forgot type, wristlet wallets come with a loop hanging that could be worn on the wrist so that you don’t misplace it. Long wallets, such as the opera or the envelope-shaped rectangular wallets are ideal for those who want a lot of space to accommodate their cards, cash, and coins. For the tomboyish women who tend to carry the minimum burden with them, compact wallets that pretty look like men’s wallet would be a good choice.

Evaluate the durability of the fabric

The material of the wallet would heavily depend on your budget. Wallets are made from materials varying from the commonly-used nylon, synthetic, and natural fabrics, to the exotic fine leather and animal skins. If you are certain that your wallet is going to face the stress that you face in your everyday life―the folding, friction, dropping, and crushing―then go for a fabric that will last you long enough. Leather wallets seem to be our favorite when it comes to class and durability. It stretches to accommodate the cards and other items, and doesn’t go out of shape. Nonetheless, if you tend to buy a new wallet quite frequently, just make sure that the fabric isn’t harsh enough to damage your cards, and the wallet you choose is worth each penny spent.

Choose an appropriate size

We’ve already warned you on that one, haven’t we? Here’s the thing: We often tend to fill our wallet/purse with unnecessary items such as old receipts, expired gift cards, notes that were kept as reminders, a small mirror, makeup, perhaps; but when we plan to buy a new wallet we tell ourselves that we will not stuff it with the not-so-important items. But trust us when we say this, if it’s your lifelong habit, it is likely to remain the same way. Bottom line: Always buy a size bigger than what you think is right, the space will be used no matter what you think.

Pay attention to the wallet closure

Wallets, especially women’s wallets, come with different types of closures―zippers, Velcro, buttons, snaps, magnets, kiss locks, and more. While this may not seem to be an important feature to look for, you might want to consider the noise that a Velcro wallet would make while in a meeting, or the snap of your opera wallet while meditating in a group. Another facet of this point is accessibility. With our cell phones occupying one of the two hands almost all the time, you may want to go for a wallet that can be opened easily with even one hand. Check the condition of the closures thoroughly; Velcro may wear out overtime, zippers may break if they are of poor quality. Consider all these aspects before making a choice.

Choose the design and color that suits your persona

As mentioned earlier, the things you own speak a lot about you; they reflect your taste! If you’re a vibrant and enthusiastic woman, we suggest to skip the neutrals and go for some funky colors and designs. Again, the choice would depend upon the usability. For instance, if you wish to use the wallet on a daily basis, go for dark shades of black, red, and brown with a classy pattern, or perhaps a design that is not in-your-face. See to it that the wallet should look new and not wear out. Go for one that is easy to maintain till you want it to last.

Explore the market, both physical and virtual

You have endless choices, especially when online shopping can help you browse through different retail websites within the comfort of your home sweet home. If you’re looking for a specific brand, you can directly go to their website. In case you’re looking for used branded wallets, eBay is a good option, provided you carefully scrutinize the pictures of the wallet, and inquire essential aspects such as the age, usage, and wear and tear (if any) of the wallet. Many websites also have reviews of buyers, to give you an idea of the deal’s feasibility. However, the one advantage of making the purchase from a brick and mortar store is that you can physically inspect the wallet and its functionality.

Apart from the aforementioned points, another important aspect of any purchase is the budget. If you have a fixed budget, don’t deviate from it. Be clear of the purpose behind this purchase, and the associated features you want. Don’t let the fancy expensive options astray you from your money-saving goal (in case you have one).

Stylish Ways to Wear a T-Shirt

Although in many fashion shows we tend to see mixed patterns and overwhelming designs, it’s always better not to draw unwanted attention to yourself. You want the attention that creates interest in your outfit. Here are some tricks on how to bring simplicity and how to match it with stylish T-shirts.

Wearing two solid colours makes a person look solid themselves, as if they were a two-dimensional picture. By breaking this solidity you can wear a sequenced T-shirt with the plain pants or patterned pants with the plain T-shirt.

Wear a T-shirt that you feel comfortable in. Feeling confident is an automatic tool that brings style in any look that you try. Feeling comfortable also means a well fitted T-shirt that you don’t have to constantly move or tug in order to be comfortable.

A T-shirt that was made to flow doesn’t fall in the ill-fitted category however the bottom part of your outfit should never be as loosely fitted as the top part. It may seem that you didn’t give your appearance much thought.

Certain colours tend to go better with the tone of your skin. You want the T-shirt to contrast with your skin so that you are more noticeable. The contrast also tends to bring out certain features in your face without adding a filter to a camera to make you look good.

If, for instance, you feel that what you are wearing is too bland, you can always accessorise with the jewellery. Alternatively you can add a belt that opposes the colour of the T-shirt because that’s how easy this century’s fashion trends are. An example of this would be a blue T-shirt with perhaps a dark purple belt with diamante on. It’s so simple but it makes you look good especially because the belt will be on your waistline making it appear that you have a smaller waist.

One very important thing about T-shirts is that you should never try to show too much skin. It’s flattering when you look smart and decent without having to hold your T-shirt down when you have to do something.

There’s always a trick to achieve a stylish look with whatever you own, and today’s fashion trends make it much easier. It’s also good that you experiment with what you have. In your heart you will know if you look good but the most important part is that confidence will make you rock the world’s runway.

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Looking good is not as hard as it seems

If you are overly in love with the idea of looking good, no doubt dressing is your number one priority in life. Most likely, you are constantly looking out for the latest clothes that the current market has to offer. But, you are obviously wondering whether you can easily come across clothes that can make you look good. Unfortunately, ity is not very easy to find such clothes. You may buy clothes today and still fail to achieve your desired results in as far as looking good is concerned. The easiest way to look good is highlighted in the passage. It applies to people of all ages including women, children and men.

Take advantage of the latest designer clothes

Old fashion is old because it may not be looking as good as it used to when it was just introduced on the market. Therefore, it was put on the sidelines in order to pave way for new fashion. The last thing you can do is to stick to the past. There is no need to live in the past when new designer clothes are being introduced on a daily basis. Go out there and pick up your choice of new designer clothes depending on your personal preferences. In particular, you can do well to take advantage of reputable online stores. Such stores are preferable sources of the latest designer clothes because they usually stock the designer clothes as soon as they have been released. This makes it very easy for customers to lay their hands on the best designer clothes that are new on the market. There is also a vast collection of designer clothes that you can find making it very easy for any customer to choose one’s preferred choice of clothes.

Buy modern clothing accessories

Buying plain clothes alone is not always the answer to looking good. Rather, a little more is required to make sure you actually appear far much better than ever before. Usually, it is a perfect idea to buy modern cashmere accessories. There are numerous choices of designer accessories that you can buy and enhance your personal elegance. For example, you can buy headsocks. These are some of the best choices of designer accessories that you can take advantage of if you want to look good. You can also buy designer sunglasses if you want to take your personal outlook to another level. Other designer accessories that you can buy include gloves, shades, head bands and even scarfs.

Read fashion reviews

Have you ever wondered how some people do not struggle to look good even though they hardly ever put in any effort? This may appear to be difficult, but it is not. Such people are often following the fashion trends and reading a variety of fashion reviews. Taking such a step can also help you to lay your hands on the best clothes that are available on the market today. In the end, you will be able to achieve your desired good looks.