A girl can never have enough

From the very time that men and women became separate sexes fashion has been evolving and seems to dominate a position one day  where woman wouldn’t mind choosing fashion over their partners. Trust me ,most would be on it .
It seems to be a universal mystery to a million people , why woman love shopping ?
Some would say this is because markets for centuries have been flooded with more stuffs for women rather for men .True indeed .
Again some would say this is because trends never end and people need variety .Partly true .
But if you ask this question to any  girl from whichever part of the world ,you’d get  a patent answer “We shop because we love it .”
Therefore ,to all the girls who imagine themselves with 10,000 bags and shoes some ten years later and find it lunatic , that is absolutely alright .After all ,this is what the entire girl world is about .
This one is for you .
Do you walk into a store and just disappear somewhere inside the beauty of those gorgeous dresses and wonder if you could buy them all?  Doesn’t your heart crave for those shiny new bags and those amazing pair of shoes?
Shop windows are such that just pull us in and is way too persuasive to be controlled. And when we enter the store it cannot be defined in any better form but, “heavenly “. The designs of those beautiful outfits, the smell of the shiny bags, and the gorgeous look of the shoes, one cannot just shift her eyes on to some other store.
From one rack to the other, one corner to the other ,you feel spellbound and your eyes keep running everywhere for what you want. When you do the trying, (well one shouldn’t put a doubt on that) but don’t you bring the roof down? Don’t you pity the shopkeeper for pulling out your choices and suggesting you the best? And when you finally decide over what is to be bought there’s no being happier than yourself. All that you want to do is to try them on your person .But it is only when you come out of the store and have walked a long distance that you let out a long sigh of despair on the fact that you could have bought a matching accessory too .  Then again ,you push and shove through the crowd just to buy one. When you get to the store your eyes run up and down from one rack to the other searching for what you want and because you can’t keep a control on your desires you keep shopping and buying till your legs swell with pain and your eyes are done with it.

Life takes a bigger turn when  outfits ,bags and shoes go up the sale .How you keep waiting in excitement to  buy yourself as much possible in the sale .How your heart jumps up when you see your favourite shoes on discount .Life is so much better when you can buy them all .And when your fingers grasp those shiny new bags ,there is nothing better .
A million girls see themselves living on the fact that fashion never ends .A store is a hope to so many girls .It is a dream come true .
It doesn’t even take you a week to make you realize,” you don’t have enough, you need to shop again “and you pull out all your money and spend it in one go buying things you don’t even need.  It is only when you have shopped enough and sit back at home that you realize,” Not only is your credit card angry but the wardrobe too .And of course ,sad is the fact that nothing can be done about it .Because being a part of the girl world we all know ,”A girl can never have enough “.

Be Unique by Selecting Rare and Gorgeous Pieces of Jewelries at Online Stores

Jewelries have always been considered as special and adorable belongings. People can decorate their body best with the help of ornaments. In earlier days, they were used to display the buying strength of the wearer. But nowadays, they are used to make the wearers look more beautiful and unique. This is why women of modern times do not just buy any piece of fashion accessories. They look for innovations and creativity in their items. In the sphere of jewelry, there has been a great demand for Irish made jewellery. The credit goes to the beautiful and inspirational designs of the jewelries. The fanatic shoppers can cherish their heart by finding vast assortments at numerous popular jewelry stores.

Why to choose ornaments made with Irish fashion?

In the market of jewelry, the consumers can surely find items made of gold, silver and gemstones. But if they want to select the rare piece for them, they can go for Irish ones with pleasure. The brilliant skill, pride and craftsmanship of the artists can cover up any lack of gold, silver and gems in their Irish jewelries. At stores, the jewelry buyers can purchase their favorite items for both daily usages and special occasions.

Major Irish items found at the stores: 

In order to collect a piece of jewelry made with Irish style, there is no need to visit the island. If the buyers search out the online portals selling traditional and contemporary jewelries, they can come across a vast range of beautiful designs of Irish jewelry. They can even get their items according to their convenient budget. Moreover, if they buy Irish jewellery online, they can find out exciting discounts for their chosen items. A few popular items found in this category are:

  • Bracelets and charms
  • Rosary beads
  • Brooches and pins
  • Rings
  • Claddagh
  • Necklaces
  • Pendants
  • Cufflinks
  • Ogham
  • Earrings

Fascinating reasons for choosing jewelries made of gold:

Millions of people including men, women and kids are fascinated with gold. They love to hoard this yellow glittery material. For any special occasion, when budget is tight, they choose beautiful designs of Gold jewellery. This particular metal can improve the overall look of the wearers with its shinning effects. A few important reasons for choosing it are:

  • Culture
  • Status symbol
  • Investment

Therefore, it can be concluded that people can look special in any occasion simply by wearing fabulous jewelries made of gold or with Irish style.

Choosing a Bag Based on Your Body Shape

The bag you carry with you each day will affect your overall look. Surprisingly this is something many women don’t take into consideration when buying a bag, which is why you may want to pay a little closer attention to a design that will enhance your look and compliment your shape now and in the future.

Women who have larger hips will find that a shoulder bag with short straps that they can carry under their arm or they can wear just above their hips is the best option. A shoulder bag with adjustable straps is the best option for you if you have wide hips, as you can adjust where the bag sits based on your torso length, ensuring that the bag doesn’t enhance your hips, but rather compliments them.

If you have a larger bust, then you are going to want to take the attention away from your upper torso, which means choosing a shoulder bag with a longer strap. Again choose a bag with an adjustable strap so you have complete control on where your bag sits, you may find the bag sitting on or just above the hip will give you the best finished look you are hoping to achieve.

If you happen to be tall and slim in body shape, then don’t go for a small shoulder bag which is going to look out of place. Focus on an oversized bag which is going to make a statement. The large bag will take focus off your height and provide you with more shape.

Anyone who is short and curvy is going to find that wearing a shoulder bag too high or too slow is only going to make them look shorter. Rather choose a bag which sits just above the waist, elongating your torso and making you look a little taller than you actually are.

If you do happen to be on the shorter side, then choose a smaller bag. While we all know that totes are in fashion and high in demand, this is not going to be the best choice for you. Rather focus on a smaller shoulder bag which isn’t going to make you look shorter, but rather provide you with added length.

For those women who are plus size, you will find that choosing a larger bag is going to be to your benefit. Tote bags are ideal. Ensure you choose a bag which is proportioned to your size to balance out your curves.

The final few things to remember is that to choose a design that you feel meets your needs and budget. With so many different materials, colours and styles available, you may end up struggling with which one will tick all the boxes.

Focus on buying from a reputable supplier with years of experience and an excellent online reputation. Ensure you choose supplier who is going to provide you with an excellent returns policy and warranty so you can buy with complete confidence moving forward.

Handmade Beaded Jewelry – Beaded Jewelry, Earrings and Necklaces

Jewelry making is an art that indeed requires expertise; however, it is still possible to make one on your own. Read the following article that provides you with some easy methods for this purpose.
Remember the lines of Heart of Darkness, where the so-called African mistress of Kurtz stands in front of the steamer of Marlow, when he tries to take Kurtz away from the land of such people who are full of wild vitality that it even scares civilization. She wears her beaded necklaces as her upper garment.

Beads do bring up the oriental and primitive world, but now, they have become very much a part of the occidental, rather the global world. A jewelry is something that you can yourself make, using your innovation. Handmade jewelry always has its characteristic uniqueness that is particular of any handmade thing; no two pieces are the same as a matter of fact. They are perfectly natural, and they come in a great variety of colors and designs. In fact, they have a charming freshness about them. Handmade beaded jewelry has now become a full-fledged industry, wherein the brands have plunged to carve a niche. So, it’s time to get your beads out and start making one on your own.


They are made up of gemstones, sterling silver, christian, wire, semi-precious stones, stiletto, swarovski crystal, birthstones, and pearls. There are lovely chandelier-earrings available, made up of Czech stones and cut into amazing shapes, which make you look pure and feminine. If you want to make one yourself, you would require the following:

2 headpins or eye pins
2 ear wires
Beads that you like
Round nose pliers

The beads are put in the headpin and if required, are placed with spacer beads in between, which are metallic. Once you are done with it, with the help of a pair of round-nose pliers, bend the pin to a loop. So, this is the way the earrings are made. They are cheap and also, can be made with all kinds of colored beads.


To make this article of jewelry, a wire of medium length is required, and a loop is to be made with a pair of round-nosed pliers. Some beads are to be put, leaving enough wire for the finishing loop. If required, spacer pieces can be used in between them. Chains and clasps can be added to the necklace. You can use different colors and sizes to make this ornament, which would be simple yet stylish. It is always better to buy more beads when making it, since these ornaments always require more number of pieces. You can also mix and match the ones of different sizes and colors.


To make a bracelet, the requirement of wire would be less, and it needs to be cut with the diameter of your wrist in mind. In this case, you can use bigger beads and the brightest colors, so that it gives a fuller look. Use multiple colors for one bracelet, so that it can complement at least two or three outfits. Instead of a wire, you can use a colorful thread and transparent beads, so that the colorful thread is seen through, which gives quite a dramatic effect. Trinkets can also be attached to the bracelets; the little hanging ones are the latest trend among teenagers. Loops can also be added to it. If this bracelet matches your necklace, nothing like it. You can also make a necklace and loop it, so that it gives a braided look.

Thus, beads are the in-thing now, both stylish and cheap. You can have loads of them; in fact, have two or three for every outfit. You can buy color-lined, iris finish, matte, metallic, and silver-lined pieces, so that you can make your jewelry yourself, and it does not take much time, and so, that would be quite a convenient option. The aforementioned methods are for making any such ornament properly; in case you do not want to buy the accessories to make these things, there is nothing to feel disappointed about. You can still make one; you can knot the beads and hence, make an eye-catching piece of jewelry only with these pieces and the thread that you would get in your house.