A girl can never have enough

From the very time that men and women became separate sexes fashion has been evolving and seems to dominate a position one day  where woman wouldn’t mind choosing fashion over their partners. Trust me ,most would be on it .
It seems to be a universal mystery to a million people , why woman love shopping ?
Some would say this is because markets for centuries have been flooded with more stuffs for women rather for men .True indeed .
Again some would say this is because trends never end and people need variety .Partly true .
But if you ask this question to any  girl from whichever part of the world ,you’d get  a patent answer “We shop because we love it .”
Therefore ,to all the girls who imagine themselves with 10,000 bags and shoes some ten years later and find it lunatic , that is absolutely alright .After all ,this is what the entire girl world is about .
This one is for you .
Do you walk into a store and just disappear somewhere inside the beauty of those gorgeous dresses and wonder if you could buy them all?  Doesn’t your heart crave for those shiny new bags and those amazing pair of shoes?
Shop windows are such that just pull us in and is way too persuasive to be controlled. And when we enter the store it cannot be defined in any better form but, “heavenly “. The designs of those beautiful outfits, the smell of the shiny bags, and the gorgeous look of the shoes, one cannot just shift her eyes on to some other store.
From one rack to the other, one corner to the other ,you feel spellbound and your eyes keep running everywhere for what you want. When you do the trying, (well one shouldn’t put a doubt on that) but don’t you bring the roof down? Don’t you pity the shopkeeper for pulling out your choices and suggesting you the best? And when you finally decide over what is to be bought there’s no being happier than yourself. All that you want to do is to try them on your person .But it is only when you come out of the store and have walked a long distance that you let out a long sigh of despair on the fact that you could have bought a matching accessory too .  Then again ,you push and shove through the crowd just to buy one. When you get to the store your eyes run up and down from one rack to the other searching for what you want and because you can’t keep a control on your desires you keep shopping and buying till your legs swell with pain and your eyes are done with it.

Life takes a bigger turn when  outfits ,bags and shoes go up the sale .How you keep waiting in excitement to  buy yourself as much possible in the sale .How your heart jumps up when you see your favourite shoes on discount .Life is so much better when you can buy them all .And when your fingers grasp those shiny new bags ,there is nothing better .
A million girls see themselves living on the fact that fashion never ends .A store is a hope to so many girls .It is a dream come true .
It doesn’t even take you a week to make you realize,” you don’t have enough, you need to shop again “and you pull out all your money and spend it in one go buying things you don’t even need.  It is only when you have shopped enough and sit back at home that you realize,” Not only is your credit card angry but the wardrobe too .And of course ,sad is the fact that nothing can be done about it .Because being a part of the girl world we all know ,”A girl can never have enough “.