How to Choose a Men’s Suit for an Autumn Wedding

Autumn weddings have a wonderful comfortable feel to them. There is a relaxed atmosphere and the colours of the falling leaves and autumn trees give it a creative element. For women, there are endless choices when it comes to autumn wedding outfits, but what options do men have? If you are invited to an autumn wedding you want to ensure that you look stylish and are comfortable too.

It may not be too hot or too cold on the day of an autumn wedding so you don’t want to be caught is a heavy suit that is going to overheat your body. You need to find a men’s suit that has the perfect balance. Here are a few tips to help you find the right men’s suit for an autumn wedding.

    • The fabric or material. For this season it is ideal to opt for a suit that is made of cotton. You want a suit that is breathable and comfortable. A wool suit would be too warm and could lead to embarrassing sweat marks.
    • The colour. Autumn is associated with natural and neutral colours such as beige and brown. An elegant autumn colour option is light beige. The Ice Men designer suits have an option in this colour which has a single button jacket and is a slim fit design.
    • The fit. Consider the length of the sleeves and the trousers. When you find the right suit for you, check the length of the sleeves and the trousers. If they are too long, ask a tailor to shorten it for you. Not only can extra-long sleeves make you warm, but it also doesn’t look neat when you are attending a formal function.
    • The style. A men’s suit with a two button or one button jacket is suitable for this occasion. You can close the top button for the formalities and it is slightly cooler, or you can leave the jacket unbuttoned if it is a bit warm. Avoid a double breasted jacket because it will retain a lot of body heat.

The formal wear. When choosing a men’s suit you also need to decide on which shirt to wear as well as the waist coat. A cotton shirt is a good option. Find a matching tie too. Autumn is not as warm as summer so you could include a waist coat in your outfit to complete your formal look. However, you don’t have to wear a waist coat, especially if you are not part of the bridal party.