The Basic Rules of Men’s Jewellery

Most modern men abhor jewellery. Things like watches, cufflinks, and tie clips are meant to serve a purpose, and aren’t decorative pieces. Even then, men’s jewellery has evolved through the years. With gold watches, platinum cufflinks, and diamond studded bracelets, designers have been giving jewellery for men a glamorous makeover. You don’t have to be a rockstar to embrace jewellery. If you’re just starting to love bling, here are the basic rules that ensure you get it right always.

Begin with the essentials

When in doubt, stick to the basics. If you’re just venturing into jewellery, the best thing is to keep things simple. Remember that the more functional a piece is, the less flashy it should be. Your watch serves a purpose, hence it can be good plated or diamond studded. Your tie clip’s function is much less, therefore keep it minimal.

Don’t run after cheap stuff

While it’s true that you get good stuff at cheap prices sometimes, it doesn’t mean you should always cheap out. Precious stones and metal can be too expensive most of the time so your best bet would be to go for less expensive yet classy materials. Stainless steel tags does the job great, while copper or leather cuffs and even beaded men’s bracelets do the job well. Going for more affordable metals is better than the cheap ones that leave ugly stains on your clothes.

Know what suits you

Not all kinds of jewellery suit everybody. If you have a small wrist, wearing a watch with a large dial will only make it look smaller. If you’re on the leaner side, wearing thick chains and heavy pendants will look out of place. Choose pieces that complement your look and your personality. Your jewellery should not be too heavy and should not bounce around when you move or walk. Study your form and shape before investing in jewellery.

Match your metals

Your metals must match. If you’re wearing a gold bracelet, then your rings and pins and pendants must also be golden. If you’re wearing silver, then all jewellery should be silver. Wearing different kinds of metals together will look out of place. Here’s a trick: silver is easier to match than gold, and it also goes with every outfit, unlike gold. If you ever want to wear more than one piece of jewellery, go for silver.

Know the occasion

Not all jewellery is fit for all places or occasions. Save the finger cuffs and bracelets for the pub and wear only the basics- watch, cufflinks, lapel pin, wedding band- to office. For a formal or semi-formal occasion, classy bracelets for men are appropriate in gold or silver, while you have much more freedom in a casual occasion. Yes, that’s when you can also show off your eyebrow piercing, not at the job interview.

Jewellery for men is changing. Incorporating jewellery into your look should begin small, and then you can start to experiment when you feel confident.